5 Things You Shouldn’t do on Social Media

There are numerous things that I wouldn’t do on Facebook, Twitter, etc. and when I look at my newsfeed, sometimes I am amazed at it’s contents. So when I received Mashable’s article, 12 Things Students Should Never Do on Social Media, via email, I thought, ‘perhaps not everyone is aware of these social media faux pas?’ And let’s face it; it’s not just students that make this mistakes.

So, here you go. 5 things that no one should do on social media:

1. Don’t over share.
This includes, but is not limited to your phone number, home address, work address, social security number (who would post that anyways?), and full birthday. Publicly provided this type of information makes you quite vulnerable to online predators and identity thieves.

2. Don’t vent about or bash professors, coworkers, or superiors.
You’d think that this one was a no brainer, but I have seen numerous Facebook status updates that violate this rule. Even with privacy settings, you never know who is viewing your page. Teachers can’t fire you for insubordination, but your employer can.

3. Don’t brag about a job or promotion that you have received before it has been announced.

This one drives me nuts. Not only is it rude, it’s also very unprofessional. Remember the ‘Cicso fatty’ incident? I, personally, feel that if a person is caught doing this, he or she should be stripped of the new title.

4. Don’t overuse the website’s location application.
This is dangerous for a few reasons. Although it allows your friends to see where you are at every waking minute, it also showcases your location to everyone with an account. This would include creepy online predators, obsessive exes, and anyone you may have pissed off. Posting that you’ll be on vacation isn’t a good either. You may as well leave your unattended home unlocked with the door wide open; it’s begging to be ransacked.

5. Don’t post compromising photos of yourself.
You may think that rule only refers to underaged college students with drinks in their hands, but there is so much more to it than that. Think former New York Congressman Christopher Lee. What he did wasn’t illegal,  but it definitely shed a bad light on him and his organization.


5 thoughts on “5 Things You Shouldn’t do on Social Media

  1. So much of this is common sense, it just makes me wonder what it is about being “alone” makes people think they are really alone. I guess maybe it’s some desperate act to change their lives or stir things up. Regardless, these are great reminders that once something is typed, printed or clicked it never truly goes away!

  2. I never understood why you would want to use #4 at all. It must be a thief’s dream to search social media and see the number of people who check in and know they will be away for an hour or two. I’m sure we all know people that break every one of those rules. I think the only one I have not seen is the job one. People complain about companies not keeping their privacy but then they just go and throw all the privacy away with how they share every aspect of their lives on social media.

  3. This is a great post! I have known numerous people to do all five in just about one status update. It is unbelievable to me how oblivious people are on the decisions people are making online. I know you’ve kept it to five for a reason but there was an article I’ve read that mentioned something interesting. It said do not post a picture of your credit or debit card. This could probably going under ‘over sharing’ but it needs to be pointed out to some people. I agree with you and Lindsey though, why would someone even post that? I think most people believe since it’s the Internet, anything goes but there is etiquette involved. This is very important and something great to share with people. I think I will share this on my social media!

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